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Burley signs five-year Ipswich deal

Ipswich manager George Burley has signed a new five-year contract with the Suffolk club.

Burley’s reward for qualifying for European competition is reported buy canada goose jacket australia to be a deal which brings his annual salary to around the £500,000 mark.

The Scot, who buy canada goose jacket london joined from Colchester in December 1994 when Ipswich were bottom of the Premiership and took them back up again last season after anyone has got canada goose coat a series of play-off near-misses, declared: “I couldn’t be canada goose coat – kensington any happier. Ipswich has always been a special club for me.

“I’ve had a long relationship as player and manager, stretching back over more than 20 years. When I came back here as manager six years ago, I said it was a dream come true.

“It has buy canada goose parka cheap certainly proved to authentic canada goose jacket sale be. The support berlin film festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship amid of the club and the fans since then has been absolutely fantastic.

“Last year, in taking the club back to the Premiership click, was the most special moment of my career as a player or manager.

“This year, it has just got better and better for everyone concerned. There is lots still to be done but I am so proud of the way we have performed at the highest level.”

Ipswich chairman David Sheepshanks revealed that the new contract placed Burley “among the canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps top echelons of football managers in England” and was a “measure of our belief in his talents”.

He added: “I doubt that the club can call any more important buy canada goose parka cheap press conference than announcing a new contract for their manager.

“George has done tremendously well over the authentic canada goose outlet past six years and this is due reward and recognition for that.

“We are fourth in the Premiership, still challenging for a Champions League place and in the Uefa Cup for sure so there is a tremendous amount to celebrate.

“So much of that is down to George.”

There is also one more truth once people shed some weight

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Cheap Canada Goose outlet The universal truth is that a combination of healthy diet and exercise helps in losing weight. There is also one more truth once people shed some weight, they feel happy about it and then they go back to Cheap Canada Goose their old eating and lazing around habits. As you know, habits die hard and most people who lose weight gain it back on after a few months of slimming it out.. Cheap Canada Goose outlet

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Wild animals don’t reason at that level

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Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s parsnips cheap, shallots and puff pastry recipe

The idea of creating a savoury tarte tatin is not a new one – indeed I’ve been championing a beetroot version for a while now. However, this particular incarnation, using tender parsnips and caramelised shallots, is my latest favourite.

Serves 4-6

1 ready-rolled puff pastry sheet (about  200g)1 tbsp olive, sunflower or rapeseed oil3–4 small-medium parsnips, peeled and cut into 2cm thick rounds (about 250g prepared weight)150g shallots, peeled but left whole30g soft brown sugar30ml buy canada goose jacket nyc cider vinegar15g butterSea salt canada bu sees a spike in canada goose jacket thefts goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 180C/gas best ideas about canada goose outlet on pinterest 4. Take a non-stick, ovenproof tatin dish, 20–25cm in diameter. Roll buy canada goose parka ottawa your pastry out to about a 5mm thickness. Cut a disc of pastry the diameter of the top of the pan. Chill in the fridge.

Heat the oil canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews in the frying pan or tatin dish over a medium heat. buy canada goose jacket nyc Add the veg and fry gently until both sides take on a nice caramel colour.

Combine the sugar and vinegar with best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest 30ml water, then add to the pan with the butter and plenty of salt and pepper. Cover the pan tightly with foil and place in the oven.

Roast for about 40 minutes, can you wash a canada goose coat then remove. If the syrup is looking a little dry, add 1–2 tablespoons of water and give the pan a shake.

Lay the pastry disc over the veg, tucking the edges down the side of the pan. Turn the oven up to 190C/gas 5 and bake for 20–25 minutes until the pastry is puffed up and golden brown.

Leave the tart in its dish for about 15 minutes. Then turn it out buy canada goose jacket online cheap upside down on a large plate over the top and invert the plate and pan. Pour any juices left in the pan over the tart and serve.

In questo ovattato paesaggio Ugo si sente preso da una voglia

Fu così che Tyrone passò dalla corrotta Hollywood, o ‘Hollywood Babilonia’, ai palazzi principeschi romani ( il ricevimento pre nozze ebbe luogo a Palazzo Colonna, nientemeno) Canada Goose Italia e ad una café society piena di titoli nobiliari con figure di spicco internazionale a portata di mano. Suo testimone di nozze fu Rudy Canada Goose Italia outlet Crespi. Mentre le sorelle Fontana vestivano la fidanzata Linda in un mare di fotografi e flash.

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canada goose outlet milano Infine, trattandosi di un condominio con meno di otto condomini, vero che non sarebbe necessaria la nomina dell’Amministratore. Altrettanto vero, però, che l’Amministratore sarebbe figura sì facoltativa, ma che potrebbe rivestire, nel caso in esame, una sua utilità pratica perché chiamata, tra il resto, proprio a compiere gli atti conservativi relativi alle parti comuni dell’edificio e, in caso di loro urgenza, potrebbe ordinare in autonomia Canada Goose Outlet l’esecuzione dei lavori straordinari ritenuti indilazionabili ed urgenti, poi ratificandi nella successivamente disponenda assemblea. La nomina dell’Amministratore richiede, però, la stessa maggioranza sopra indicata e, quindi, potrebbe configurarsi anche per essa una situazione di stallo. canada goose outlet milano

Canada Goose Saldi Ho visto bambini crescere con alimenti scaduti, li ho visti ingurgitare Canada Goose Outlet patatine e sofficini, li ho visti camminare piegati dal peso di Canada Goose Italia outlet milano zainetti firmati. Ho visto ragazzi violentare ragazze perch l imparato alla TV, li ho visti picchiare selvaggiamente i compagni deboli, perch l imparato al cinema. Ho visto ragazzi dal cervello liquefatto da droghe preparate da adulti. Canada Goose Saldi

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Canada Goose Outlet Ma questa non è in uso solo nelle scuole. Sta diventando una cosa del tutto normale. Lo si fa ovunque sia possibile. Quella di Francesco Scognamiglio una poesia delicata, una storia che inizia con un battito di cuore e racconta le 50 sfumature dell Impalpabili sete ricamate di rose che si trasformano come dipinti dell su stampe. Una sensualit illuminata dai cristalli nei vestiti come nei micro guanti bohemien. La vestaglia e i body di seta che fanno capolino dai cappotti imbottiti lasciano il profumo di una bellezza pudica Canada Goose Outlet.

I didn’t understand how much the introvert/extrovert

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I personally like to have quality products in order to be

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In the 800 block of Appleton Street in Midtown Edmondson on

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Premier League clockwatch – as it happened

Afternoon all As some of you may have spotted, I’m currently doing minute-by-minute coverage of Aston Villa v Arsenal.

I’ll be along here just as soon as that game finishes to find out if Manchester United can go top, Bolton can maintain their charge towards the Champions League places and West Ham can sink any lower at home to Wigan.

I shall do my best to keep you posted on the most significant goings-on in the lower divisions, too – not least QPR’s first-versus-second clash with Cardiff in the Championship – as well as the FA Cup second round.

In the meantime, you can keep up with all today’s goals from across Europe on our live scoreboard, and see what it means for the league standings with our up-to-the-minute stats centre.

Here we go with the team news …

Man Utd v Blackburn

Man Utd: Van der Sar, Rafael Da Silva, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra, Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Park, Berbatov, Rooney.Subs: Kuszczak, Giggs, Hernandez, O’Shea, Evans, Fletcher, Obertan.Blackburn: Robinson, Salgado, Samba, Nelsen, Chimbonda, Jones, Emerton, Dunn, Goulon, El-Hadji Diouf, Roberts.Subs: Bunn, Givet, Linganzi, Mwaruwari, Hoilett, Hanley, Morris.Referee: Lee Probert (Wiltshire)

Bolton v Blackpool

Bolton: Jaaskelainen, Ricketts, Cahill, Knight, Robinson, Lee, Mark Davies, Muamba, Taylor, Kevin Davies, Elmander.Subs: Bogdan, Steinsson, can you buy canada goose jacket online Petrov, Klasnic, Moreno, Blake, Cohen.Blackpool: Kingson, Eardley, Cathcart, Evatt, Crainey, Grandin, Vaughan, Adam, Taylor-Fletcher, Campbell, Varney.Subs: Halstead, Southern, Ormerod, Euell, Phillips, Edwards, Carney.Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral)

West Ham v Wigan

West Ham: Green, Jacobsen, Tomkins, Upson, Gabbidon, Behrami, Barrera, Parker, Stanislas, Piquionne, Obinna.Subs: Boffin, Reid, Cole, Boa Morte, Kovac, McCarthy, Hines.Wigan: Al Habsi, Stam, Gohouri, Steven Caldwell, Figueroa, Gomez, Diame, Thomas, Cleverley, N’Zogbia, Di Santo.Subs: Pollitt, Watson, Boselli, Moses, McArthur, McManaman, Mustoe.Referee: Mark Halsey (Lancashire)

Stoke v Man City

Stoke: Begovic, Wilkinson, Huth, Shawcross, Collins, Pennant, Whitehead, Delap, Etherington, Jones, Fuller.Subs: Sorensen, Higginbotham, Whelan, Gudjohnsen, Wilson, Walters, Sanli.Man City: Hart, Richards, Toure, Kompany, Kolarov, De Jong, Milner, Barry, Silva, Balotelli, Tevez.Subs: Given, Wright-Phillips, Adam Johnson, Boateng, Lescott, Vieira, Jo.Referee: Peter Walton (Northamptonshire)

Fulham v Birmingham

Fulham: Schwarzer, Baird, Hangeland, Hughes, Salcido, Davies, Murphy, Etuhu, Dempsey, Gera, Kamara.Subs: Stockdale, Kelly, Pantsil, Duff, Eddie Johnson, Dikgacoi, Greening.Birmingham: Foster, Carr, Johnson, Ridgewell, Dann, Larsson, Fahey, Bowyer, Ferguson, Hleb, Jerome.Subs: Doyle, Murphy, Phillips, Michel, Zigic, Parnaby, Beausejour.Referee: Howard Webb (S Yorkshire)

Everton v West Brom

Everton: Howard, Hibbert, Jagielka, Distin, Baines, Pienaar, Cahill, Heitinga, Arteta, Yakubu, Anichebe.Subs: Mucha, Bilyaletdinov, Saha, Beckford, Coleman, Rodwell, Baxter.West Brom: Carson, Jara, Scharner, Tamas, Cech, Mulumbu, Morrison, Thomas, Brunt, Dorrans, Odemwingie.Subs: Myhill, Tchoyi, Pablo, Barnes, Reid, Shorey, Fortune.Referee: Lee Mason (Lancashire)

Wolverhampton v Sunderland

Wolverhampton: Hennessey, Zubar, Stearman, Elokobi, Ward, Foley, Mancienne, David Jones, Milijas, Jarvis, Doyle.Subs: Hahnemann, Van Damme, Ebanks-Blake, Fletcher, Hunt, Bent, Davis.Sunderland: Gordon, Onuoha, Ferdinand, Mensah, Bardsley, Richardson, Henderson, Cattermole, Zenden, Bent, Welbeck.Subs: Mignolet, Malbranque, Angeleri, Da Silva, Riveros, Elmohamady,Gyan.Referee: Michael Jones (Cheshire)

2.50pm: Right, here we go. A big thank-you to my colleague Alan Gardner for sticking in all the team news whilst I was finishing off the Aston Villa v Arsenal minute-by-minute. And also to my other colleague Tom Bryant for bringing me a sandwich.

2.55pm: Just enough time before kick-off, then, to bring up the big question – posed by one or two emailers during that Villa-Arsenal game. Does the neckwear sported by an increasing number of Premier League footballers in winter (a hoop of fabric that tucks into shirt collar) constitute a scarfetta, or a snood?

2.58pm: “Blackpool at 11/2 well-priced today,” muses @man_on_football on Twitter. “They certainly know how to shake the tree away from home …” True, but Bolton have also only lost once at home so far this season. In the informal office sweepstake, not one person has picked Blackpool to win. All of us have them scoring at least once, though.

3pm: Off we go in the 3pm games. In the early FA Cup kick-off, Stevenage beat AFC Wimbledon 2-0.

3.02pm: Manchster United 1-0 Blackburn Well that didn’t take long, did it? Some controversy about the goal as Paul Robinson was injured in the build-up, and was still trying to hobble back to his line when Nani played in Rooney, who flicked it back for Berbatov to finish.

3.04pm: A total of 18 games called off today due to weather, according to Sky Sports news, but not Middlesbrough v Hull, which seems to be going ahead despite the fact it seems to be taking place in the middle of a full-on snow storm.

3.07pm: “Gaah! Surely Robinson should just have stayed down,” wails Julian Menz. Given it wasn’t a head injury the referee wouldn’t have been obliged to stop play anyway, though it would have made United’s players look far less sporting when they put it in.

3.09pm: Manchester City are already struggling with Delap’s long throw-ins at Stoke, Robert Huth oh so nearly laying on a goalscoring chance for Fuller as he got highest to knock one on inside the box. Moments earlier another such throw had fallen to Jermaine Pennant, who cracks his shot over from close range.

3.11pm: Apologies – the auto-refresh button was not switched on at the beginning but it should now be there.

3.12pm: “Round these parts (Winnipeg, in the centre of Canada) we call those neckwarmers,” announces straight-as-an-arrow Bryan Regehr in response to our scarfetta/snood question. “Though they’re often pulled up buy canada goose jacket winnipeg to cover the neck, mouth, nose and cheeks (frostbite isn’t fun). When worn in conjunction with a toque, just the eyes show. Or a balaklava works too.”

3.13pm: QPR 0-1 Cardiff Craig Bellamy puts Cardiff in front with his first goal in seven games, a fact that has gone down especially badly since it came right after QPR felt they should have had a penalty for handball ..

3.15pm: Bolton are looking the sharper side so far at the Reebok, fizzing the ball around nicely. Richard Kingson just made a good save to deny Kevin Davies.

3.16pm: Everton 0-1 West Bromwich Albion Well, Everton had been playing well, too, but they are now behind after Paul Scharner heads in from close range.

3.17pm: Over at the Britannia Stadium it is very much Stoke who are on top of Manchester City and not just from the long throw-ins. Kenwyne Jones just crashed a header over the bar from close range.

3.18pm: Trouble brewing up in Scotland, where Celtic v Inverness is being presided over by a referee from Luxembourg, who just awarded the visitors a goal-kick when it should have been a Celtic corner. He may be about to discover why the Scottish refs are on strike.

3.19pm: QPR 1-1 Cardif Kaspars Gorkss heads home the equaliser for QPR.

3.20pm: Fulham 0-1 Birmingham Alexander Hleb, anonymous to this point, feeds Larsson, who slots home from inside the box. Fulham just can’t catch a break at the moment – they had been the better team so far and only a few minutes earlier Clint Dempsey had flashed a shot just wide of Ben Foster’s goal.

3.23pm: Manchester United 2-0 Blackburn Ji-Sung Park extends United’s lead at Old Trafford, exchanging passes with Rooney on the edge of the box before racing into the area and beating Robinson. United, as things stand, are going back ahead of Arsenal and top of the table. Moments earlier Richard Stearman had the ball in the net for Wolves against Sunderland, but it was disallowed.

3.26pm: “Surely the neckwear as sported in the Arsenal game is an aerodynamic version of a ruff,” insists Marc Redfearn. OK, now you’re just making up words aren’t you?

3.27pm: Everton 0-2 West Bromwich Albion Chris Brunt extends the Baggies’ lead at Goodison Park, curling a fantastic free-kick into past Tim Howard.

3.27pm: Manchester United 3-0 Blackburn Well this one’s done already, isn’t it? Dimitar Berbatov gets his second. Meanwhile, our man Andy Hunter at Old Trafford has an update on Wayne Rooney: “The first Rooney chants came on nine minutes at Old Trafford and, while muted, reflected an encouraging start from the striker. His early touches have shown a vast improvement on his contribution at Ibrox in midweek and he’s been central to all the United goals, while Berbatov also looks to be coming back into form against canada goose coat 1000 a subdued Blackburn. Only their fans appear up for this one, although one or two have taken matters too far and have been ejected. Probably best all-round.”

3.29pm: Bolton 0-1 Blackpool Well our Twitter correspondent (2.58pm) may have been onto something with that prediction for Blackpool after all. Ian Evatt at the Reebok.

3.30pm: “Your comment about the ref at Parkhead makes me wonder what the perfect scenario is for the striking referees,” ponders Alan Cooper. “Presumably, it is for the scab refs to have genuine shockers and be roundly abused by the fans? Or would their point be proved better by best canada goose jacket incidents like you described—essentially tiny moments in a match producing disproportionate abuse from idiotic fans with no sense of perspective?”

3.31pm: It’s still goalless at Molineux but it’s certainly been an eventful game – lots of chances at both ends buy canada goose jacket online cheap – and Kieran Richards just saw a free-kick cannon off the post and across the face of goal – behind the Wolves keeper Wayne Hennessey.

3.34pm: “A ruff is a flambouyant looking wading bird these days,” insists Shooby Taylor in response to Marc Redfearn (3.26pm).

3.35pm: West Ham 1-0 Wigan Could Save Our Season day be a successful venture after all at Upton Park? Valon Behrami has just given West Ham the lead.

3.37pm: The snow has stopped falling at Middlesbrough, though there’s already enough of it for Hull to be fairly well camouflaged in their white strips. It’s 1-1 by the way, though Nick Barmby just missed a chance to put Hull back ahead. Yes, that Nick Barmby – the one you remember from 1991.

3.38pm: West Ham are dominant just now at Upton Park, Ali Al Habsi having to look very sharp indeed amazon canada goose parka to deny Junior Stanislas.

3.41pm: Brighton 0-1 FC United of Manchester Crikey oh riley – this would be a huge result if it stays as it is. Nicky Platt gives Northern Premier League Premier Division FC United the lead against League One leaders Brighton.

3.43pm: Everton 1-2 West Bromwich average cost canada goose jacket Albion Tim Cahill has got Everton back in the game at Goodison Park. You won’t be surprised to hear he scored it with his head.

3.45pm: Anthony Gerrard has put Hull back ahead against Middlesbrough.

3.46pm: Not a good day to be a Sheffield United fan, so far away to Bristol City they have conceded two penalties (and subsequently trail 2-0) and they have now had Richard Cresswell sent off for violent conduct.

3.48pm: Many games reaching half-time now, I’ll do a round-up of scores in a few minutes.

3.49pm: While we’re waiting for half-time scores to be confirmed, here’s Greg Scully on the snood/scarfetta debate: “Seems to me they’re both ridiculous names. A ‘Snood’ sounds like a guy who believes he’s the bees-knees but is actually a total prick. While a ‘Scarfetta’ is more redolent of a tactical vomit brought on by imbibing one too many coffee-based cocktails, probably in a trendy (ie: plastically awful) bar called ‘Snoods’.”

3.51pm: Here are the half-time scores in the Premier League:

Bolton 0-1 BlackpoolEverton 1-2 West Bromwich AlbionFulham 0-1 BirminghamManchester United 3-0 BlackburnStoke 0-0 Manchester CityWest Ham 1-0 WiganWolves 0-0 Sunderland

3.52pm: Here are the half-time scores in the Championship

Barnsley 0-0 WatfordBristol City 2-0 Sheffield UnitedCrystal Palace 1-0 DoncasterMiddlesbrough 1-2 HullPreston 0-0 MillwallQPR 1-1 CardiffReading 0-0 LeedsScunthorpe 0-1 Coventry

3.55pm: Here are the half-time scores in the FA Cup:

Brighton 0-1 FC UnitedBurton Albion 2-0 ChesterfieldBury 0-2 PeterboroughCarlisle 0-1 TamworthCharlton 2-1 LutonColchester 1-0 Swindon SupermarineDarlington 0-1 YorkDover 0-0 AldershotHereford 1-2 Lincoln CityHuddersfield 3-0 MacclesfieldSheffield Wednesday 2-0 NorthamptonSouthampton 1-0 CheltenhamTorquay 1-0 WalsallWycombe 1-0 Chelmsford

You can, of course, keep up with all the latest scores on our live scoreboard.

3.57pm: “Blackburn are desperate and so, understandably, are their supporters, who have taken a break from trying to get hauled out of the stadium to chant for the return of Roque Santa Cruz,” writes our man Andy Hunter at Old Trafford. “Given the visitors have yet to muster an attack, nevermind an effort on goal, the Paraguayan is unlikely to turn his back on an exorbitant contract at City and ride to the rescue just yet.”

4.01pm: Yet more snood/scarfetta/ruff/stupid thing footballers wear around their necks correspondence. “When I went skiing in Colorado, everybody told me I needed to get a ‘turtle’,” announces Gavin May. “No, they weren’t advising me of the benefits of carry a large, amphibious sea creature when tackling the slopes, they were giving me the very sensible advice to buy what the Arsenal players were wearing today – so named, one presumes, because you can pull it up over your mouth and cheeks, giving your head the appearance of emerging, turtle-like, from within it.”

4.04pm: Games are buy canada goose jacket cheap getting going again now and Wolves have come flying out of the blocks once again. Ronald Zubar just flashed a thunderbolt wide from 25 yards out.

4.06pm: Manchester United 4-0 Blackburn Dimitar Berbatov completes his hat-trick, and I would tell you more about that, but …

4.07pm: Manchester United 5-0 Blackburn … they’ve just scored another one. Nani, who laid on the goal a minute ago, just added another.

4.08pm: Wolves 1-0 Sunderland At last, Wolves have reward for their endeavour at Molineux. Kevin Foley played a cross-field ball to Matthew Jarvis, whose shot across goal was parried by Gordon, but the ball fell straight out to Foley himself, who crashed it home.

4.10pm: Fulham 1-1 Birmingham Clint Dempsey drags Fulham level with a header. Birmingham’s defenders believe there was a foul in the build-up, but nothing doing for the referee. Meanwhile, the snow is falling again in Middlesbrough, where the home side are now back level with Hull at 2-2.

4.11pm: “Thanks for the great mbm,” parps Gareth Roberts. “I have always, or at least for some considerable time, thought that a snood was a little net that goes over your beard (if you have one) as a safety precaution during food preparation. A friend who used to work at McDonalds stole several and gave them to me. Beardless, I pinned them to the wall as tiny storage hammocks. I think that the thing the footballers are wearing is a scarfetta.”

4.13pm: West Ham 2-0 Wigan It’s rapidly becoming Saved Our Season day (well, Finally Got Our Points Tally Into Double Figures day) at Upton park. Victor Obinna extends the home side’s lead, crashing the ball home inside the area.

4.15pm: Bolton 0-2 Blackpool Well our man on Twitter is now looking very smart indeed. Luke Varney has just extended Blackpool’s advantage.

4.16pm: Everton, still a goal down at home to West Bromwich Albion, have just had Mikel Arteta sent off for a stamp.

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4.19pm: “Are you sure those players are not wearing the wonderfully named Bandarf,” enquires Andrew Clarke.

4.20pm: Robert Green saves a penalty for West Ham! Wigan’s record signing Mauro Biselli, just introduced from the bench, was given the opportunity to get his first goal for the club after Danny Gabbidon fouled Tom Cleverly in the box, but his low effort had little power behind it and Green got down sharply.

4.21pm: A fourth buy canada goose jacket nyc (fourth!) goal for Dimitar Berbatov. “How can United end this decline,” smirks Tim Poole.

4.25pm: Wolves 1-1 Sunderland Wolves remain incapable of keeping a clean sheet. They’ve played well today but Darren Bent escaped down the left-hand side and fired across Hennessey to bring Sunderland level.

4.27pm: In case you were wondering, FC United are still 1-0 up away to Brighton in the FA Cup second round.

4.28pm: Dimitar Berbatov gets his FIFTH goal. Manchester United 7-0 Blackburn Well this is now beyond silly. Trying to steal FC United’s thunder?

4.29pm: QPR 2-1 Cardiff Adel Taarabt crashes the ball into the top corner from close in.

4.31pm: Well FC United’s job against Brighton just got a little bit harder – Scott McManus has been sent off.

4.32pm: West Ham 3-0 Wigan Scott Parker extends West Ham’s lead.

4.33pm: Bolton 1-2 Blackpool Martin Petrov brings Bolton back into the game at the Reebok Stadium.

4.33pm: Everton 1-3 West Bromwich Albion Somen Tchoyi looks to have put the game beyond 10-man Everton. The hosts had been playing better these last few minutes too.

4.36pm: Not only are FC United winning, by the way, but fellow non-leaguers Tamworth are also 2-1 up away to Carlisle, while Dover lead Aldershot.

4.38pm: Blackpool are very much hanging on now against Bolton, Stephen Crainey clearing off the line from Petrov moments ago.

4.39pm: Wolves 1-2 Sunderland Danny Wellbeck puts Sunderland in front, but it doesn’t last long …

4.40pm: Wolves 2-2 Sunderland Because Wolves race straight down the other end, Jarvis puts a cross over canada goose canada outlet, and Stephen Hunt pulls them level.

4.41pm: Stoke 0-1 Manchester City Micah Richards finally breaks the deadlock at the Britannia Stadium.

4.42pm: Manchester United 7-1 Blackburn The fight-back starts here – Christopher Samba gets one back for Blackburn.

4.44pm: West Ham 3-1 Wigan OK, this is getting really hard to keep up with now. Cleverly grabs a consolation goal for Wigan.

4.44pm: Everton 1-4 West Bromwich Albion Youssouf Mulumbu extends the visitors’ lead.

4.45pm: Death of the underdogs In the space of a couple of minutes, Carlisle have equalised against Tamworth, and Brighton have equalised against FC United.

4.46pm: Bolton 2-2 Blackpool Mark Davies finally gets Bolton level after a spell of significant pressure. Paul Merson on Sky Sports News just declared it one of the goals of the season – the result of a wonderful exchange between Kevin Davies, Klasnic and Mark Davies.

4.48pm: Wolves 3-2 Sunderland What a game this has been at Molineux. Wolves have been ahead, they’ve been behind, and now they’re back in front again. Sylvan Ebanks-Blake does the business.

4.49pm: Carlisle have completed the turnaround against Tamworth, James Chester scoring what will surely prove the winner.

4.51pm: “Berbatov joins Andy Cole, Alan Shearer and Jermaine Defoe for scoring 5 goals in a single Premier League game,” announces Shooby Taylor. “And all done without saucy neck-garb. Who wudda thunk it?”

4.51pm: Stoke 1-1 Manchester City Matthew Etherington has surely rescued a point for Stoke at the Britannia Stadium, crashing home across Joe Hart after a huge backheel from Kenwyne Jones inside the area.

Full-time: Bolton 2-2 Blackpool

Full-time Everton 1-4 West Bromwich Albion

Full-time: Manchester United 7-1 Blackburn

Full-time: West Ham 3-1 Wigan

Full-time: Fulham 1-1 Birmingham

Full-time: Stoke 1-1 Manchester City

Full-time: Wolves 3-2 Sunderland

Full-time: QPR 2-1 Cardiff City

Full-time: Carlisle 3-2 Tamworth

Full-time: Brighton 1-1 FC United

5pm: OK, time for a comprehensive full-time round-up. There were 36 goals in the Premier League today – a record for any single day in the division. Here are all today’s Premier League results:

Aston Villa 2-4 ArsenalBolton 2-2 BlackpoolEverton 1-4 West Bromwich AlbionFulham 1-1 BirminghamManchester United 7-1 BlackburnStoke 1-1 Manchester CityWest Ham 3-1 Wigan Wolves 3-2 Sunderland

5.04pm: I was going to move on to the Championship, but first I better let your know that Dover just extended their lead over Aldershot to 2-0. Adam Birchall with both goals, they’re on course to reach the third round for the first time in their history.

5.05pm: OK, today’s Championship results:

Barnsley 0-0 WatfordBristol City 3-0 Sheffield UnitedCrystal Palace 1-0 DoncasterMiddlesbrough 2-2 Hull CityPreston 0-0 MillwallQPR 2-1 CardiffReading 0-0 Leeds UnitedScunthorpe 0-2 Coventry

5.06pm: And today’s FA Cup results:

AFC Wimbledon 0-2 StevenageBrighton 1-1 FC UnitedBurton Albion 3-1 ChesterfieldBury 1-2 PeterboroughCarlisle 3-2 TamworthCharlton 2-2 LutonColchester 1-0 Swindon SupermarineDarlington 0-2 YorkHereford 2-2 Lincoln CityHuddersfield 6-0 MacclesfieldSheffield Wednesday 3-2 NorthamptonSouthampton 3-0 CheltenhamTorquay 1-0 WalsallWycombe 3-1 Chelmsford

5.08pm: Still waiting for a full-time confirmation from Dover, but in the meantime, here’s West Ham fan John from Cape Town: “Double-edged sword, that result. We get the win, but the clueless undertaker may get to keep his job, in which case relegation is certain.”

5.10pm: And now we do have confirmation – Dover 2-0 Aldershot is a full-time result, and the Conference South side are through to the third round of the FA Cup for the first time. FC United, meanwhile, get a home replay after a hugely impressive draw away to Brighton. Right, that’s it from me – thanks for all your emails. I didn’t even come close to getting through all of your thoughts on snoods, scarfettas and ruffs, so apologies if your email didn’t make it in. Thanks for reading.

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Teams serve up soporific stalemate

Chelsea failed to take advantage of Manchester United’s derby defeat and Arsenal’s inaction with a miserable goalless draw against Liverpool that saw only one shot on target throughout a turgid 90 minutes.

The solitary point leaves Avram Grant’s side three points behind United and five behind the Gunners, who can consider themselves the weekend’s big winners ahead of the visit of Blackburn to buy canada goose coat online the Emirates Stadium tomorrow evening. Liverpool, meanwhile, continue to falter in their search for a Champions League spot and extended their recent poor run of form to one win in seven matches.

The opening exchanges set the mood for what was to come and provided the sort of attritional fare that has come to typify matches between these sides over the past few seasons, though the game did briefly spring to life after the quarter-hour mark. Peter Crouch’s slashed half-volley from the edge of the area flew narrowly wide of Petr Cech’s left-hand post after 18 minutes and moments later Steven Gerrard charged down the right channel and floated a cross best canada goose jacket for men toward the striker, but he could only guide a weak effort straight at the Chelsea goalkeeper.

Chelsea then had a strong penalty claim turned down five minutes later canada goose sale, with Joe Cole going down under Javier Mascherano’s challenge. buy canada goose jacket ebay The referee Mike Riley, however, remained unmoved, and the game soon returned to its previous soporific state, a condition it failed to rouse itself from for the remainder of the 90 minutes. With more holding midfielders on the field – three – than central strikers – two – a pitched battle in the middle third was always likely, though Liverpool could perhaps claim to have enjoyed the better of the first half with Gerrard the game’s most influential player and Crouch the chief goal-threat.

Dirk Kuyt, playing on the right of the visitor’s front three, also can you wash a canada goose parka provided some of the rare canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupon brighter moments and Crouch headed wide one of the Dutchman’s crosses 10 minutes before the break. Another swinging ball into the box just prior to the interval saw Ryan Babel, a largely anonymous figure throughout the first 45 minutes, pick up buy canada goose parka ottawa a yellow card for a pointless hand-ball. Riley’s half-time whistle came as a relief.

The 22 matches between the sides since 2001 have produced a meagre 38 goals, and that tally would be even less impressive without the 10 goals scored in Chelsea’s 4-1 and can i put my canada goose jacket in the dryer 3-2 wins in 2005. Their seemed little prospect of that goals-to-games ration improving, with the second period beginning in much the same vein as the first ended. A free-kick 25 yards out provided Liverpool with the first opportunity after the interval, but Gerrard hammered Riise’s lay-off into the Chelsea wall.

The Reds were clearly missing Fernando Torres’ spark, energy and pace in attack, while for Chelsea the return of Michael Essien from the African Cup of canada goose coat 1000 calorie diets Nations cannot come soon enough. Frank Lampard, making his first Chelsea appearance since Boxing Day, and Michael Ballack could not match the Ghanaian’s drive in midfield, allowing a relatively comfortable afternoon for Gerrard, Mascherano and Lucas Leiva in the Reds’ midfield.

The dire football on display inevitably began to breed frustration. With 20 minutes to go Claude Makelele and Jamie Carragher received a ticking-off from Riley after a minor melee sparked by Ricardo Carvalho’s hefty challenge on Crouch. Minutes later Alex was booked for a cynical trip as Liverpool buying canada goose jacket online looked to break.

With 10 minutes to go Chelsea finally carved out a meaningful opportunity. Mikel John Obi, on as a substitute, chipped the ball over the retreating Liverpool defence, Joe Cole prodded the ball square but Ballack volleyed miserably wide. Three minutes later, Kuyt hooked a lopping cross into the box but Jermaine Pennant, another substitute, headed tamely past Cech’s right-hand post.

Riise than came as close as anyone to breaking the deadlock, with Jose Reina gratefully clutching the left-back’s diving defensive header. The result means Chelsea have still failed to beat any of their ‘Big Four’ rivals under Grant in the Premier League, though they have now burlington coat factory canada goose coat lost only once in their last 32 matches. There can have been few worse spectacles than this in that run.

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Nigel Slater’s classic pesche al vino recipe

Peaches steeped in red best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest or white wine is one of the simplest classic Italian and French canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupons summer desserts. Sometimes the fruits are peeled and poached in wine and sugar, other times they are simply left to marinate instead.


Peel (if you wish) and thinly slice 6 small, ripe peaches. canada goose coat 1000 Scatter 2 tbsp of caster sugar over them and then 4 small glasses of white or red wine. Leave for half an hour or so before serving.


Use only ripe, sweet peaches. To peel them, cut a small cross in the canada goose coat – hybridge lite skin then dunk the peach briefly into amazon canada goose jacket boiling water and peel away the skin. buy canada goose coat uk The wine can be red or white, but rosé is particularly pleasing on canada goose coat 1000 bulbs led a benefits of canada goose jacket summer’s day. My own preference is to leave the sliced and sugared peaches in the fridge for an hour or two, then pour over half a bottle of prosecco just before serving. A sort of Bellini in a bowl.


Apricots make a sound alternative cg, if you can find dark, sweet freckled ones. They are best with white wine. The late Richard Olney used a Crozes-Hermitage in which to poach his peaches. His recipe brings the peeled fruit to the boil with sugar canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland simmering it till thick and syrupy. The fruit is then chilled in its liquid thoroughly before serving. I like to use a light sugar syrup, crushed lemongrass stalks and crumpled lime leaves.

Email Nigel at or visit for all his recipes in one best price canada goose jacket outlet usa online store place

When the truth is revealed we must then realise it

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On connait moins Marjane Satrapi la peintre qui dès toute

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In recent months, the tabloid fixture has turned not just to

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Perry is the only woman to have made three 90+ scores in

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Bobby Robson: time to drop “shirker” Wise

Newcastle manager Bobby Robson has Alex Pradas Quiles urged Kevin Keegan Authentic Authentic Prada Handbags Uk Prada Outlet Online Uk to dismiss Dennis Wise from his World Cup plans.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s friendly against France replica online prada , Robson expressed his belief that the Chelsea skipper has been exposed at international level.

The former England manager told Authentic Prada Purses Sale the Daily Express: Authentic Prada Handbags Uk “Wise is a little hubbub of a player for Chelsea, Authentic Prada Handbags Outlet Uk but he played so Bicester Village London Prada poorly for England in Euro 2000.

“That is what you Agatha Ruiz Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Shop Online Dela Prada Online Shopping find as England coach, there are players who don’t cope with the pressure. There are players who can handle things in their own sitting room, but can’t handle going to meet the Queen at the Palace.

“You have to find out about those players because they will let Agatha Ruiz Dela Prada Dresses Uk you down. They will crumble on the day. They will shirk the responsibility. They will disappear.”