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Regardless of other connotations

Then one Sunday evening changed everything. The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

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Aqua by Michael David Adams

Aqua by Michael David Adams

Aqua by Michael David Adams

This underwater photography by Michael David Adams is a combination of sexy models in lingerie and some with a pair of intimate models. The photos has a look and feel of high fashion and editorial. This series is the most interesting project he ever did. Because according to him, doing something that is unlike what he does in a studio or like a normal air shoot, is complicated. And the challenge is making it look and feel effortless.

He uses water often as one of the main elements of his photography. He loves the water and sea he loves being near it. Water is very zen for Adams and it is where his work revolves because it is where he is happiest and most inspired.

Weddings by Walters & Walters

Weddings by Walters & Walters

Weddings by Walters & Walters

Weddings, engagements, and bridal showers, you can find them all in the works of James and Meridith Walters – an award winning husband and wife photography team. They have a unique approach to photographing weddings and creating albums. James is an experienced fashion and commercial photographer has a fashion marketing and advertising background.

The couple is an incredibly talented team behind Walters and Walters photography and has also been a long time friend of Weddings Unveiled. Their works have appeared in Weddings Unveiled numerous times in both real weddings and editorial ones.

Sun Game by Adrian Limani

Sun Game by Adrian Limani

Sun Game by Adrian Limani

This series contains pictures of the sun accompanied with different poses of the subject to make it look like a game ball.

This creative photography project entitled Sun Game is made by photographer Adrian Limani. Since his childhood, he has been interested in design, multimedia and technology and this made him pursue photography. Limani is a self-taught Albanian photographer and artist. He started his career using a digital camera and later on with a professional one.

He specializes in fine art photography. He enjoys transforming photos based on his creative imagination. He also uses simple objects such as the sun and turning them into something magical. According to him, “photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”

While moderate exercise, such as a 30 minute walk can lower

Too much cortisol can actually destroy muscle and thus the training results that you have struggled to achieve for a long time. While moderate exercise, such as a 30 minute walk can lower cortisol levels for up to two days, too much exercise can break down your muscles. When cortisol makes the muscles resistant to insulin it reduces the content of protein in the muscles, so that they can not grow bigger.

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Children in Prisons by Nana Buxani

Children in Prisons by Nana Buxani

Children in Prisons by Nana Buxani

Being born in a conflict region in Mindanao, Nana Buxani devoted her life as a photographer to documenting the large issues on child labor, poor communities, children in detention, homeless people, war torn regions and the indigenous people.

This series Children in Prisons show young children that are detained. Some are innocent and some don’t even realize what they are doing. Most of these boys are forced to do unlawful acts because of poverty. One of the imprisoned boy relates, “I only steal from rich people, I don’t steal from people who are poor, they are just like me.”

Backstage of FHM’s Sexiest by Whimboy Echavez

Backstage of FHM's Sexiest by Whimboy Echavez

Backstage of FHM’s Sexiest by Whimboy Echavez

The day Whimboy Echavez quit his job, he took a risk and pursued a career in photography. And it was worth it. Now, Echavez gets to celebrities, models, politicians and normal people. One of his projects was when he was hired by Philippine Star Supreme to cover the backstage of FHM’s sexiest women in the world 2012 where gorgeous and hot women were busy preparing and coming in and out of the dressing rooms. There were some shots that showed half naked girls but unfortunately Echavez did not post it because he can’t show any nudity in his site.

Echavez also shoot weddings and engagement sessions. According to him, “It’s an awesome feeling to be able to tell stories through my photographs. I have the best job in the world.”

Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert

Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert

Ashes and Snow by Gregory Colbert

Gregory Colbert‘s photography project Ashes and Snow captures the extraordinary interactions between man and animals. Since the start of this project in 1992, he has traveled far and wide in order to capture these amazing photos and he has gone to India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Burma, Tonga, Namibia, Kenya, Antarctica and the Azores.

This exhibition of large-scale photographic artworks is being housed in the Nomadic Museum and has traveled to five cities in three continents and has received over 10 million visitors making it the most attended exhibition by any artist in history.

Since the iPhone 5 itself was buzzing

Some firms bid alone, and others in consortia.The results would not give Shell too high a share of Mexico energy sector, Deputy Energy Secretary Aldo Flores said.have to recognize Shell enthusiasm in this round, he told reporters after the auction. Have a diverse oil sector. I don believe this means a concentration.A Pemex logo is seen at the Energy Mexico Expo 2018 in Mexico City, Mexico January 30, 2018.

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“It’s really easy I just got in the habit of taking my own

These changes are excellent in my opinion. We need to stop babying criminals because if we don’t they will never want to leave and always want to come back. We should stop allowing TV, Sony Playstation, porn movies, etc Some of the above changes prompted some complaints from the prisoners and the Sheriff’s response was, “This isn’t the Ritz/Carlton.

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Woven chain link shoulder strap, 11″ drop

I came in feeling terrible, with a low grade fever and I still I waited over three hours to even be seen. No on even apologized for the wait. They have terrible customer service, their NP is VERY rude and unpleasant. Access and organization are key design components. The clamshell design opens wide for full exposure to the main compartment, and a side zip provides quick entry. The Blade delivers.

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Food Photography by Louie Aguinaldo

Food Photography by Louie Aguinaldo

Food Photography by Louie Aguinaldo

Everybody loves food. Who doesn’t? Especially if it comes first with tempting, tasty pictures in the menu.

Food photography plays an important part in every food business especially in restaurants because it creates a desire for any delicacy or restaurant dish. These photos need to be effective to catch the attention of the people’s eyes so photographer Louie Aguinaldo carefully used lighting and camera angles to bring out the color and texture of the food that one can almost taste it just by looking at it.

Filipino photographer Aguinaldo began by shooting portfolios for models in his own modeling agency back in 1991. When he was given a big break in 1995 by photographing artists, his career in photography expanded and he began to venture in advertising, food & beverages, concerts and other types of photography.

Exaltation by Desiree Dolron

Exaltation by Desiree Dolron

Exaltation by Desiree Dolron

Desiree Dolron‘s photography project “Exaltation: Images of Religion and Death” focuses on excess of religious ceremonies by native tribes, from exaltation to even self-mutilation. The pictures are entirely eerie and disturbing to watch with all the piercing, whipping and burning of parts of the body. The believers abandon themselves to extreme acts of faith.

For this series she personally attended ritual festivals in countries such as India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Morocco and Thailand.

Sports by Sonja Mueller

Sports by Sonja Mueller

Sports by Sonja Mueller

Aquarelle, fussball, kill jill, Adidas and even ballet. Sonja Mueller has photographed it all. She is a professional photographer who focuses on sports and music. Her work has found a worldwide audience since she was recognized at Cannes Lions Advertising Festival as one of the new up coming photographers of 2007.

Her techniques are both bold and innovative enabling her to create photos that are natural and iconographic. Some of her big clients are Casio, Adidas, Nike and Siemens.

Beloved by Jesh de Rox

Beloved by Jesh de Rox

Beloved by Jesh de Rox

“There is nothing more beautiful to me than the human spirit, unbound.”

An artist, futurist and adventurer, Jesh de Rox shoots a new genre of photography called Beloved. This genre is composed of unique portraiture and photojournalism blended together. Beloved is a style that works in collaboration with the client to create meaningful and story-telling portraits.

The couples don’t even feel like they are doing a photo shoot, they are just in their own bubble doing their own thing, looking at each other lovingly, caressing, hugging. Beloved shows that being loved is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Children by Loretta Lux

Children by Loretta Lux

Children by Loretta Lux

Loretta Lux is know for her portraits of young children, where most of them are her friends’ kids. These portraits are digitally altered to resemble the aristocratic formality of Old Master paintings.

Lux first studied painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Munich before she pursued photography in 1999. Influenced by old-age painters, she dresses the children in vintage clothing and props. Her surreal portraits became metaphors for childhood innocence.

Her earliest works include set against icy blue skies – Troll (2000), Lois (2000), and Isabella (2001). When she moved to Ireland, she began to shoot pairs of children rather than solitary ones.

Lux’s work has been exhibited in many museums like Getty Museum in Los Angeles, CA, the National Museum of Art in Osaka, Japan, and the Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland.

In Katrina’s Wake by Chris Jordan

In Katrina's Wake by Chris Jordan

In Katrina’s Wake by Chris Jordan

In Katrina’s Wake – A series of photos depicting the aftermath of the hurricane Katrina all over America. This photo project was created by American photographic artist Chris Jordan whose main concerns are about the consumerism of today’s society.

Almost 300,000 Americans lost their properties in this disaster. Classrooms, houses broken, clothes and books scattered and debris everywhere. What is bothering in Jordan’s mind is whether we are somewhat responsible for this catastrophe since there were evidences that hurricane Katrina was not an entirely natural disaster like earthquake. He said, ‘From that perspective, my hope is that these images might encourage some reflection on the part that we each play, and the loss that we all suffer, when a preventable catastrophe of this magnitude happens to the people of our own country. Katrina has illuminated our interconnectedness, and it makes our personal accountability as members of a conscious society ever more difficult to deny.’

He wants us to act, not just react. To do something for them how small it might be.

Mirror Boss: The three cultists that the Everyman faces at the

Artifact of Doom: Subverted by the Marker, which is revealed to be man made!. This ambiguity probably started as a vanilla Retcon but by now the devs at Visceral have got to be feeding it on purpose. Not much of a surprise when you remember that the Marker from the first game was also man made. Artificial Brilliance: The Stalkers are programmed very well they’re capable of playing long hide and seek games and flanking effectively. Stalkers will also attempt to run away if you successfully use stasis on them while they are behind a box.

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Crown Series by Sylvia Piva

Crown Series by Sylvia Piva

Crown Series by Sylvia Piva

Sylvia Piva, a budding freelance fashion photographer. She has done a number of photography projects including Crown Series where beautiful ladies wear crown of flowers in their heads that makes them look even more stunning.

She had started her journey on photography by freelancing on weddings, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, book personal, concerts and cultural events. She also collaborated with different fashion magazines and newspapers. With her sense of creativity and passion for photography, I am sure that Sylvia Piva will make it big into the industry in no time.

“My clients do not realize it, but the snapshots are their way of exorcising the passage of time. Aperture clicks, the flash glare … and so stop the time, even if only for a moment. And if these images will ever have a meaning for future generations, will be this: I was there, have existed. I was young, I was happy in this world and someone wanted me well enough to make me a photograph. ” – One Hour Photo

Underwater by Zena Holloway

Underwater by Zena Holloway

Underwater by Zena Holloway

I really enjoyed looking through the photos of Zena Holloway and had a hard time picking out which one should I use in this post because honestly, they are all amazing.

This stylish underwater image is just one of the many breathtaking, ethereal and magical photos that can be found in her underwater photography projects. She can do both commercial work and fine art so easily. Her creativity results in fairy tale-like images that are sure to take your imagination to a higher level.

Zena Holloway was first a scuba diver before she became an underwater photographer. Working as a diving instructor, she began taking shots, experimenting with the scenes and taught herself the skills needed to master such difficult techniques. Since then, Holloway has become one of the biggest names of in underwater photography and worked with big clients like George Jensen, Sony, Elle Style Awards and many more.

Wataru likes Koko who likes Yoshiyuki

Bromantic Foil: Gouki for Kinji. Bullet Time: When Kinji enters Hysteria Mode. Bulletproof Vest: Butei school clothes are made from bulletproof materials, and they also have SWAT gear if things go dangerous. Bunny Ears Lawyer: Riko has an obsession with H Games. She also happens to be Butei Academy’s most reliable Knowledge Broker. But Not Too Foreign: Aria has some British heritage in her, which is why she has a middle name. Bystander Syndrome: Butei teachers are hands off when it comes to a student’s problems.

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He still keeps his screwdriver he had as a baby in his pocket

Athens around 350 BC, when both Plato and Aristotle were alive. Concern here is that I be on some little street and there would be guards who wouldn let me go up to the Acropolis and I ask them if I could go meet Aristotle and it would be the equivalent of showing up at the Oscars and asking a police officer if I could go in and meet George Clooney. Was Aristotle inaccessible? Unclear.

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Goyard Cheap The new Stars (or “Twinks”) caught on and became a very popular team, winning three pennants before 1958. They were genuine rivals to the Angels, and it was not uncommon for fights between the teams to break out during games. In fact, on August 2, 1953, a brawl between the two teams lasted 30 minutes, broken up only when 50 riot police were sent to Gilmore Field by Chief of Police William Parker, who was at home watching the game on television when the fight started Goyard Cheap.

Beauty by Alberto Oviedo

Beauty by Alberto Oviedo

Beauty by Alberto Oviedo

Sexy. Beautiful. Tempting. These words describe the photo project Beauty of commercial photographer Alberto Oviedo.

Alberto Oviedo works close in the fashion and advertising industries, but he also does personal works off his path. He emphasizes saturated colors and close-up details in his work.

He first worked as freelance assistant to photographer Jim Fiscus and left after 3 years full of knowledge and learning about photography and a 25 page portfolio which he used to start his career. He has already worked for world famous advertising agencies like Leo Burnett, Lowe, McCan Eriksson and Young $ Rubicam.

Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt

Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt

Across the Ravaged Land by Nick Brandt

Images are powerful. They tell stories, even the most interesting and disturbing ones.

Nick Brandt has been spending the last decade documenting the transforming landscape of Africa and its wildlife due to the actions of human beings. In his photography project Across the Ravaged Land, the final part in his trilogy book, he documented the disappearing nature and animals of East Africa.

He included humans in his photography for the first time in this book – poachers killing for profit. Among his images are the famous Elephants of Amboseli, Lions in Serengeti, and the perfectly preserved creatures calcified by the salts of the Rift Valley soda lake where he arranges them to appear as though they were alive.

Nature’s Patterns by Adam Burton

Natures Patterns by Adam  Burton

Natures Patterns by Adam Burton

Is it glass or ice?

The picture above is a glass-like shattered pattern on an ice taken in Exmoor, Somerset by photographer Adam Burton. This and other close up images of rock, plants, ice patterns and leaves can be found in his photo project Natures Patterns.

Adam Burton is a self taught professional landscape photographer. His field is in IT and Product Management and he has no photographic qualifications but his love for nature and outdoors and the desire to photograph the places he love led him to learn photography by himself in 2001.

Ever since he started to take this profession seriously, his works have been in demand commercially. His images have been published magazines, books, calendars and other catalogues and he has worked with many large companies like The AA, The Times and National Geographic.

He likes to capture the rich colors of dawn and dusk. According to his interview in ND Magazine, “You need to be out in very unsociable hours to capture the best light that nature has to offer.” He prefers keeping the authenticity of the picture rather than digitally manipulating it. He has already photographed five of the seven continents and now focuses in landscapes of UK.