1 : J Holder to Root, Back of a length delivery outside off,

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canada goose It’s easily glance down to fine leg by Root. He’ll keep strike.16.1 : J Holder to Root, Good length delivery outside, a nice front foot defense on offer.16.2 : J Holder to Root, Keeps it around off, it moves away. It’s too wide to make Root go after it.16.3 : J Holder to Root, Good length delivery wide outside off, another easy leave for canada goose sale JR.16.4 : J Holder to Root, On a back of a length, much close to the off stump channel, still Root lifts his bat to let it be.16.5 : J Holder to Root, Angles it in from outside off, it’s on a shorter side as Root stays on the back foot and unfurls a punch but straight to extra cover.16.6 : J Holder to Root, A maiden from Holder! Keeps it fuller on off, Root lunges forward and drives it towards the fielder at point.17.1 : M Cummins to Cook, Good length Canada Goose Sale delivery on off, Cook gets across and with the full face of the bat drives it towards mid on.17.2 : M Cummins to Cook, Beaten! Rare error from Cook! Cummins slants it away around off, Cook feels for it as he lunges forward to defend but the ball moves away and nearly takes the outside edge towards the keeper.17.3 : M Cummins to Cook, Back of a length delivery on middle, Alastair tucks it in front of square on the leg side for a single.17.4 : M Cummins to Cook, Stays behind the line and punches it towards the mid on fielder.17.5 : M Cummins to Cook, Slips one down the leg side, Cook tries to help it on its way but fails to do so.17.6 : M Cummins to Cook, Comes forward and pushes it back down the wicket.18.1 : J Holder to Root, Back of a length Cheap Canada Goose delivery outside off, Root off his back foot punches it towards cover. canada goose

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