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It is not often that April Fool’s Day falls on a Saturday, but to mark the occasion in two weeks’ time the Football League has decided to play with names as well as balls.

Someone in the referees’ department has teamed up match officials in a most mischievous way for the games on April 1. For instance, the referee buy canada goose jacket nyc and assistants for Luton canada goose coat 1000 bulbs lamps v Colchester are Messrs Barber read more here, Stone and Head; Peterborough v Rochdale will be officiated by Lynch, Deadman and Payne; Mansfield v Barnet by Knight, Castle and King; Wycombe v Bristol City by Stiles, Downs and Hills.

Elsewhere the following assistant referees line up: Messrs North and West at Bristol Rovers v Stoke; Francis and Lee at canada goose coat 1000 calorie meal plans Gillingham v Chesterfield; Singh best price for canada goose jacket and Torrance at Brighton v Swansea.

And the best combination? Well, there’s Messrs Brandwood, Brand and Wood at Oldham v Cambridge; or how about Leek, Coffey and Kettle at Crewe v Nottingham Forest?

• The Rio de Janeiro club buy canada goose jacket edmonton Flamengo were involved in a doping scare on the flight to a game last week. Club officials had to leap from their seats to stop airline stewardesses serving players bread rolls covered with poppy seeds.

“One little bread roll could lead to doping,” said a club official. “Luckily a lot of the players were asleep when they came round.”

Last year the Flamengo coach Paulo Carpegiani had to drop three players from a match after they ate poppy seeds. Thankfully, on the way back the team were served plain rolls.

• What have berlin film festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship amid Nicolas Anelka and Virgin got in common? Never trains on time.

• Should we be surprised that John Hartson’s fitness is worse than envisaged and authorized canada goose outlet that he now needs a hernia operation?

When the player’s recent move to Spurs broke down because of canada goose coat $5000 no credit check signature loans a knee problem, Hartson’s agent moaned: “Their medical examination was so stringent only Mother Teresa would have passed it.” Which presumably makes Hartson’s fitness worse than that of a 87-year-old recently deceased nun.

• Here’s a new one: a man who ran on to the pitch at the start of the second half of the San Lorenzo v Racing Club game in Buenos Aires turned out best canada goose jacket for skiing to work for a cable-TV station and had been ordered to interrupt the game so the network could finish its half-time commercials.

• When the Portsmouth players Rory Allen and Aaron Flahavan were convicted of a public-order offence after some drunken behaviour two weeks ago, the club also fined them two weeks’ wages.

Well, the £12,000 has been put to good use: financing the squad’s outing to Cheltenham on Tuesday. “The manager decided to make Rory and Flav suffer,” said the club’s resident gambling expert Steve Claridge, who, to no one’s surprise, organised the trip. He also cleaned up on Istabraq in the Champion Hurdle. And to ease his financial misery, so did Flahavan.

• A glimpse into the mind of Fulham’s owner Mohamed Al Fayed, courtesy of the club’s striker Geoff Horsfield: “He’s always saying to us, ‘You’ve got to have big balls. Have you got big balls? No can i put my canada goose jacket in the dryer sex before tomorrow. You must have big balls to fight’.”

• Neville Southall is a lot fitter than you think. He managed three laps of the pitch this week – but then had to give it back to Subbuteo.

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