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Do placentas have healing powers?

The canada goose coat 1000 calorie a day meal plan placenta burlington coat factory canada goose coat is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, iron and protein and has long been thought to have medical linked site, even mystical, buying a canada goose jacket online properties. Although there is no scientific evidence that eating it cures anaemia, the “four-day blues”, postnatal depression or anything else for that matter, placentophagy (one for the vocabulary book) still has an honourable tradition in China. Here in the UK it is usually only newly delivered earth mothers who, pausing briefly to dance around the birthing pool, tuck into their own, warm placenta. But, if more timorous souls are not prepared to do so, can they be put to any other use before amazon canada goose jacket they are thrown away?

Robin best canada goose jacket for women van Persie, the young Arsenal footballer, is apparently off to Serbia to consult a doctor who, for an undisclosed sum of money, is going to treat his injured leg with “placental fluid”. Is it human placental fluid, canada goose coat 1000 or, as some claim, horse’s placental fluid? Does it matter? Probably not, because as far as we know he will not be swallowing it; he will merely have it rubbed into his ankle.

I am not even certain what is meant by placental fluid. Perhaps we are really talking about amniotic fluid, which surrounds the foetus in the birth sac. This will be rich in protein but not much else and it is hard to see buy canada goose jacket cheap how it could be any more beneficial buy canada goose coat online than, say, rubbing an egg into his ankle. Personally, I would try that first. It’s cheaper.

Let’s be honest, it sounds ridiculous. Nearly as ridiculous as the idea of treating menopausal women with with female hormones harvested from pregnant mares’ urine. Except that this is not ridiculous. We have been doing it for years. Premarin (think about the name) is still widely prescribed as a form of hormone replacement therapy. So be prepared to throw away your ibuprofen and crepe bandages. Maybe, benefits of canada goose jacket just maybe, Robin van best canada goose jacket reddit Persie has found a new cure for ankle injuries.

Dr Crippen is the pseudonym for a long-serving GP.

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