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Nigel Slater’s classic pesche al vino recipe

Peaches steeped in red best ideas about canada goose parka on pinterest or white wine is one of the simplest classic Italian and French canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupons summer desserts. Sometimes the fruits are peeled and poached in wine and sugar, other times they are simply left to marinate instead.


Peel (if you wish) and thinly slice 6 small, ripe peaches. canada goose coat 1000 Scatter 2 tbsp of caster sugar over them and then 4 small glasses of white or red wine. Leave for half an hour or so before serving.


Use only ripe, sweet peaches. To peel them, cut a small cross in the canada goose coat – hybridge lite skin then dunk the peach briefly into amazon canada goose jacket boiling water and peel away the skin. buy canada goose coat uk The wine can be red or white, but rosé is particularly pleasing on canada goose coat 1000 bulbs led a benefits of canada goose jacket summer’s day. My own preference is to leave the sliced and sugared peaches in the fridge for an hour or two, then pour over half a bottle of prosecco just before serving. A sort of Bellini in a bowl.


Apricots make a sound alternative cg, if you can find dark, sweet freckled ones. They are best with white wine. The late Richard Olney used a Crozes-Hermitage in which to poach his peaches. His recipe brings the peeled fruit to the boil with sugar canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland simmering it till thick and syrupy. The fruit is then chilled in its liquid thoroughly before serving. I like to use a light sugar syrup, crushed lemongrass stalks and crumpled lime leaves.

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