It says the owners volunteered for the inspections

Replica Handbags SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileThe Associated Press has also seen a recent survey of factories, that was done by the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology at the request of the government and the garment industry.It found some major concerns, including. Bangladeshi garment factories are routinely built without consulting engineers Some add illegal extra floors on top of support columns that can’t hold them Many factories are in buildings not designed to hold up under heavy manufacturing and machine vibrations (one of the causes of the April disaster)AP says it saw the inspection results for about 200 buildings, on the condition they not be identified. It says the owners volunteered for the inspections, with some even paying for the surveys.Many of the factories looked reasonably safe, but some were so dangerous engineers recommended they be closed on the spot.”There were buildings that we found that were really critical and we asked them to immediately vacate those buildings,” said Mujibur Rahman, head of the university’s civil engineering department.In fact, in some cases, Rahman said it would be safer for the owners to tear down the building and rebuild.”They (the engineers) found a building approved for only six stories that had been expanded to 10. Replica Handbags

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