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Full-time referees are no guarantee against gaffes

When the Football Association announced referees would be turning professional there was genuine hope among officials, managers and players alike that standards would noticeably improve. There would be a fixed salary, regular workshops and increased fitness levels, all expected to enhance officials’ ability to do their jobs. The benefits ought to have been salient but six years on there remains scant evidence that the change has brought improvement.

The season is less than two weeks old and already one of the Premiership’s leading referees, Rob Styles, has been stood down after he admitted blundering when awarding Chelsea a penalty at Anfield. Authentic Prada Shoes Sale He will be joined on the sidelines by Ian Gosling, the assistant referee who failed to notice David Healy’s shot had clearly crossed the line during Fulham’s match with Middlesbrough. Much more Authentic Prada Handbags Canada of this and there will need to be some swift promotions to fill the gaps.

“We all make mistakes, including footballers,” Are Prada Nylon Bags Worth The Money said Nigel Spackman, the former Chelsea and Liverpool midfielder. “You only have to look at Jens Lehmann or Tony Warner in the last couple of days. They get scrutinised, so do referees and, if they make Authentic Prada Leather Handbag mistakes in big games, they are going to get stick for it. But I think Rob Styles’ performance [on Sunday] was poor by refereeing standards. It is definitely one of the worst penalty decisions I have seen.”

Keith Hackett appears to have harboured similar thoughts. The head of the Professional Game Match Officials Board will meet Styles today to discuss Sunday, Bicester Village Prada Refund particularly the confusion that surrounded the Michael Essien incident, when the Chelsea man appeared to be given two yellow cards.

Hackett claims Styles “held the card to indicate a direct free-kick and failed to put the card away”, but one former leading referee was left aghast by the explanation.

“That card being an admin error is absolute rubbish – it is almost the same as Graham Poll [three yellows in the World Cup match between Australia and Croatia] and it was never a penalty,” said the source, who officiated in the top flight and remains involved at all levels. “In fact, if he wanted, he could have cautioned the Chelsea player for jumping into the Liverpool player. He was two or three yards away and I just can’t understand how a man of his experience got that wrong. It was a blatant error of judgment.”

Hackett, in less critical terms, has already made that point Authentic Prada Clothing to Styles, informing the referee his positioning “left him vulnerable for the ball coming across the area”. Feedback is common between Hackett and the Select Group, which includes 19 referees for the current season, with the new graduates here, Lee Probert, Steve Tanner and Keith Stroud, all promoted through the marks they received from assessors and managers at Football League level.

“The whole principle of reviewing decisions is what we can learn from them,” added Hackett. “That’s why we meet up every two weeks to look at best practice and ensure that best practice is maintained when we have experienced problems like we have this weekend.” Among the refereeing fraternity opinion is divided as to whether professional status has made a significant difference although Dermot Gallagher, Bicester Village Prada Refund who retired in the summer after 27 years , has no doubt.

“I honestly believe refereeing standards have improved,” he claimed . “Firstly, now they are coming together as a body, working together and pooling their knowledge and resources. Secondly, as we saw with [yesterday’s] announcement, referees are accountable. Gone are the days when people could say, ‘Oh, it’s a hobby. You can go home to your mates and laugh about it.’ We never ever did that, I can assure you. But it has killed that myth.”

That might be the up-side but professional status, together with football’s inexorable media coverage, has placed referees under the spotlight like never before. Not that everyone appears uncomfortable with fame. “Some Authentic Prada Handbags Uk of the referees have become stars in their own right and I think, sometimes, some of them like the notoriety a bit too much,” added Spackman. “With that comes criticism.

“I would never want to be a referee. When you referee on a training ground as a manager or a coach it is bad enough. The players want to win and if you make a wrong Authentic Prada Handbags Canada decision, you get slaughtered for it. But when they are professional, as they are now, and get good money, they have got to be up to the job.”

Recent blunders

Rob Styles

Liverpool v Chelsea Aug 19 2007

Appears to show Michael Essien a second Amazon Uk Prada Shoes yellow card but he stays on.

Howard Webb

Blackburn v West Ham Mar 17 2007

Bobby Zamora’s winner did not cross the line, there was a handball in the build-up and a clear offside.

Danny McDermid

Colchester v Leicester Jan 13 2007

Disallowed three goals and tried to send off Karl Duguid for first booking.

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