,” said representatives from the Hamilton 350 committee in a

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Handbags Replica You can read the full text of the letter here.”While we don’t dispute the advisability of the HPS having such equipment at its disposal, we do object to the Board accepting the money to purchase it from Enbridge Inc.,” said representatives from the Hamilton 350 committee in a letter to police administrator Lois Morin.In the letter, the group says there is a “fundamental question of principal involved” in accepting money from Enbridge. “That question of principle is the public perception of favouritism on the part of the HPS on behalf of a private corporation,” the letter reads.Police spokesperson High Quality Replica Handbags Catherine Martin declined to comment on the complaint itself, saying it is a Police Services Board issue. The police services board did not immediately respond to requests for comment.Martin said the complaint would likely go to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.Worries about spillsProtesters are fighting Enbridge’s plan to reverse the oil flow of the line 9B pipeline which runs from Montreal through Westover, in rural Hamilton Handbags Replica.

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