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Infected Landscape by Shai Kremer

Infected Landscapes by Shai Kremer

Infected Landscapes by Shai Kremer

In 1999, Israeli photographer Shai Kremer started photographing the ominous traces of the military on the landscapes of Israel and on their society. Her pictures reflect the trauma and resulting damages in living in a world of conflict and war, it also warns of the permanent effects in the people’s lives.

Kremer’s images are often attractive, aesthetic, innocent and poetic. These landscapes, infected with sediments and fragments of the ongoing conflict, becomes a platform of discussion. These photographs attract the viewer and then challenges him to reflect on their meaning and implications.

As written by Sverker Svorlin, “Military landscapes are collective memories. They remind us that political violence has a spatiality and that it can be found also amongst landscape that we have learned to love. Giving these military landscapes some visibility may therefore be an act of peace.”